Aziva grew from a desire to produce a truly healthy and wholesome probiotic product for the entire family to enjoy. Our family centres around three young children 👶🏻  under the age of 10. These little people, boldly try all types of healthy and hearty foods everyday, so kefir was no exception; except that the products on the market in 2015 were either too strong in flavour or not true to kefir origins for the children to consume as part of a healthy regular diet every day. There began the journey of discovery for us as a family. With the brash and brutally honest Product Development team ( David, Mia and Alexa) we went about creating the ideal kefir flavour profile for the entire family to enjoy everyday without compromising on the core health benefits. Many attempts, trials and judgements by the Product Development team helped to move what was a very sour and yeasty product from an undesirable “must I really put this on my cereal dad” to a “ dad I really like this kefir, can I add cinnamon…”.

The team continues to provide us with the honest and innocent  😇  feedback we come to expect each week from every batch of kefir we produce.

It was through many iterations that our unique kefir was born; literally, from the humble start in the kitchen. With the help of the team we decided on the perfect name to represent our creation; a twist on “Ziva” the goddess of life and fertility –  Aziva was born.