Australia's Highest Scoring Pot Set Yogurt 2017

We love our new pot set kefir and so do the judges. Awarded Australia’s highest score for pot set yogurt (Classes 48,49,54,56,104 and 106) 2017 by the Dairy Industry Association of Australia.

Revitalising your insides in every way

Lactose Free Kefir


14 Live & Active Cultures

Gluten Free

No Added Milk Powders

Slow Fermented Ingredients

FODMAP Friendly



“We promise that Aziva will always taste good and do you good, We promise that we’ll never use preservatives, artificial additives, or any other weird stuff in our drinks. And we promise to wash our face every day.”

Food with purpose

Aziva is hand made from farm fresh milk to provide you with an all natural product,  to be enjoyed with the family every day.

Our wholesome milk is sourced locally from the Gippsland areas. We work hard to ensure we convert the rich goodness of natural milk at the farm gate into a bottled product in less than 48 hours. Unlike others, we choose not to use milk powders.

Kefir Goodness

Kefir is a live and active cultured dairy beverage with a mildly tart and tangy taste and creamy consistency. It originated over 2000 years ago in the Caucasus Mountains and is associated with good health.

How to consume Aziva Kefir

Enjoy kefir on your cereal, in smoothies or just on it own. As the alternative to a glass of milk at night enjoy Aziva Kefir with a favourite pantry flavour like a dash of cinnamon ….mmmmm. The probiotics go to work whilst you sleep so you wake refreshed to start a new day.

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